Polish Roots Tours are personalized and tailored tours, which will allow you to follow the footsteps of your ancestors. The journey to discover your roots will be accompanied by professional tour guides from Polandia Travel and skilled historians from Your Roots in Poland, who will serve you with their knowledge and experience during every step of your heritage adventure.

Your Roots in Poland is a team of experienced genealogists, historians and archivists who will help you discover your family’s history. This qualified team will find relevant documents for you, discover places related to the history of your ancestors. Polandia Travel will organize a sentimental tour that will allow you to get to know your “native land”, meet those who remember your ancestors and renew family relationships.

Start your amazing genealogical adventure with us! Find out where your ancestors came from. Learn how they lived, what they ate and what they did every day. Immerse yourself in local culture and folklore.


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