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I'm not sure I can capture how wonderful Tomasz was!! We spent almost 2.5 days with him, and by the end, he definitely felt like family and we cannot wait to return. While we knew we were going to visit both the Salt Mines and Auschwitz, he was so incredibly accommodating with all of our requests, and did so much more for us.. The experiences were incredible, the tours/entrance/tickets were seamless. Everything was done with such ease, without imposition, and his advice for restaurants/shopping/etc were all superb. If interested, be sure to ask about ancestry connections (if you had family in Poland), a local winery, and hands down - his wife's restaurant! The latter was probably the best place we ate (twice) during our entire visit. We cannot thank him enough for all he did! Would HIGHLY recommend to all subsequent guests. Extremely comfortable car, fantastic English, great insights and information, incredibly accommodating. One of the best tour companies we've experienced. Thank you, Tomasz!
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I started planning a 4 week solo trip to Poland in August , 2018 for May, 2019. I contacted Polandia Travel to help me with some logistics and details. I was fortunate enough to work with Thomas Stepniak, who was invaluable in helping me with suggestions. He always replied in a timely fashion, and went out of his way to help me make some arrangements I was having problems with. I spent a few days each in Warsaw, Torun, Gdansk, Poznan, Wroclaw and Krakow, and then was lucky enough to have Thomas as my guide and driver to visit Zakopane, Zalipie (the village of painted houses), Lancut and Kazimierz Dolny. Thomasz is incredibly knowledgeable about Polish history, and I enjoyed the discussions we had during our drives. Thomasz would suggest interesting things to visit in an area, outside the normal tourist places. One great memory is going to a place in the Tatra Mountains that made sheep cheese, and smoking our own cheese. Gdansk was my favorite city, and the WW2 Museum, the Solidarity Museum, and the Emigration Museum in nearby Gdynia were so impressive in detailing the history of Poland. There was also a wonderful collection of murals in the nearby area of Zaspa. Thomasz also has a wonderful restaurant in Krakow, Pierwszy Stopien. I give Polandia Travel a 10+,and couldn't have asked for better service. I highly recommend them, and Thomas.
Della A
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Tomasz Stepniak organised and took me to Auschwitz and Birkenau. Travelled in an extremely comfortable car. Tomasz was polite, friendly and considerate in every way. He is also very knowledgeable and I learnt a good deal about Poland during our journey. I would highly recommend him and will certainly use his services again.
Czytaj więcej
Polandia service and tour exceeded expectations. They were willing to take us to places that not all tourists go and went at our pace, not on a strict schedule - which is what we had hoped for. Zakopane and surrounding area were so beautiful. Door to door service. Highly recommend this tour service in Krakow
Marcin Z
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I've recently had a stay arranged in Poland by Polandia Travel and I can strongly recommend this tour operator. Everything went smoothly and according to my wishes and expectations. Next time they'll definitely be my choice again. Thumbs up!
Elizaa S
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Thank you Polandia travel for orginising my trip to Poland. I was with my family in Krakow for a week. It was great. We had a pickup from the airport. First day we have visited Auschwitz and Salt mine we had english speaking drivers and comfortable car. Once visiting Poland, Auschwitz and salt mine is a must. Excellently organised tour of Auschwitz. We went from Krakow. The guide at the extermination camp, Michael was thorough, professional and extremely informative. The experience was emotional and educational. Second day we had guided tour around Krakow and ghetto part. Our guide was very informative and clear in his tour and gave opportunity to ask further questions. He was friendly and enthusiastic and shared useful general tips.we viewed Synagogues in the Jewish Quarter and learnt about the ghetto. Next was a 2 days trip to Zakopane with our guide Peter, who was warm, charming, had a wonderful sense of humour and was deeply knowledgeable. He was also willing to answer all our many questions on Poland in general. The trip to Zakopane was wonderful. The town is very beautiful nonetheless. We The organisation of the tour was simple and smooth, they are very flexible.
Małgorzata S
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Thank you for professional service. Guide was very kind and provided a lot of interesting information. We will recommend your services to our friends. See you again in Cracow!
Ismael L
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Muy buen tour por el centro de Cracovia. El guia es muy simpático y fue muy entretenido. Muchas gracias!!

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Day 1 Welcome in Warsaw
We will pick you up from airport in Warsaw and transfer you to hotel in center of Warsaw. You will meet that day your private tour leader who will explain all details, recommend restaurant. You can ask whatever you want. This day is for you to rest after travel.

Day 2 The City Rebuilt From The Ashes
Warsaw – the capital of Poland was totally damaged during the Second World War however thanks to work and donations of Poles the city was rebuilt. This is the reason why Old Town in Warsaw is listed on UNESCO list as “an exceptional example of the comprehensive reconstruction of a city that had been deliberately and totally destroyed”. Today Warsaw is a city symbolizing Polish rapid economic growth and is high on the lists of cities of future in Europe. Thanks to the combination of a rich history with more and more numerous skyscrapers, Warsaw is dynamic, full of life and movement, which is filled with the multitude of cultures and nations that meet here.

After breakfast your private local guide will take you for a walking tour in the Old Town of Warsaw whose history dates back to the 13th century. After it we invite you to the one of most beautiful parks called Royal Baths Park („Lazienki Krolewskie”). We will find there romantic Palace on the Isle with great collection sculptures and numerous buildings located in the park as well as the famous monument dedicated to Frederic Chopin. After lunch we will also take you to the second beautiful palace – park complex in Wilanow, having its origins in XVII century. Wilanow palace was built by one of the well known Polish kings – John III Sobieski. It consists of an impressing Baroque palace and garden with sculptures.

At the end of the day we recommend you some good restaurant or help you to join to one of evening Chopin concerts.

Day 3: Zelazowa Wola – Chopin’s Birthplace and Jasna Gora Monastery with miraculous Black Madonna in Czestochowa
Not far from Warsaw is located Zelazowa Wola, village where will be our first stop in the morning. You will have opportunity to get know the place where Fryderyk Chopin was born. Today in his family house is located his biographical museum.

Our next stop will be Jasna Gora Monastery in Czestochowa – one of the most popular shrines to the Virgin Mary in Europe and the spiritual capital of Poland. The monastery is known primarily from the image of the Black Madonna who is responsible for the inexplicable stories that influenced the history of Poland. About the history and the treasures of the sanctuary you will hear from local monk from the Pauline order.

After the lunch we will travel to Krakow to have first charming evening in previous Capital of Poland.

Day 4: Explore Krakow – The City of The Polish Kings
Krakow was the Royal Capital of Poland for many years. Here the coronations of kings were held, and here are their graves. Your private guide will take you on a Krakow Old Town walking tour. During a slow walk along the royal route you will see places like:

– the biggest in Europe main market square and long cloth hall where you will buy local hand made souvenirs

– main buildings of Jagiellonian University which educate continuously since the fourteenth century

– St Mary’s church with unique imposing facade, the largest Gothic altar in Europe and unique tradition of playing hourly bugle call which you will hear from one of basilica’s tower

On your „Royal” route you will see of course much more historic buildings and churches however finally you will get to the most important place – Wawel Castle with Wawel Cathedral – where the most prominent Polish kings had their headquarters for ages. After visit of Wawel Hill we will not forget about break for some lunch.

Once you will rest your guide will take you to district called „Kazimierz Quarter”. Krakow has also become a dream place for the Jewish nationality. Over the centuries, their population has grown and one of the Polish kings has even decided to create a district for them, which is exactly Kazimierz. Today Kazimierz district in a magnificent way shows the heritage of Jewish culture and with charming cafes, restaurants, galleries with hand made products is place where especially local people love to spend their free time.

All of those places which you will have opportunity to see will convince you that this is an obligatory city that you should visit during your visit to Poland. This is also confirmed by the fact that it was Krakow that was the first of all European old towns inscribed on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Day 5: Visit Auschwitz – Birkenau museum and Salt Mine Wieliczka
Unfortunately, the tragic events connected with both World Wars have also been recorded on the pages of Polish history. The most tragic remnant of the Second World War is the Memorial and Museum Auschwitz – Birkenau. Former German Nazi Concentration and Extermination Camp is the most recognizable symbol of the Holocaust and the place of genocide in the world what was the reason to put this place on UNESCO Heritage Site list. We will direct there in the beginning of this day. You will have a guided tour inside both parts of camps which will certainly allow you to feel the tragedy of this place.

After lunch and moments of reflections we will take you to Wieliczka Salt Mine also highly highlighted among UNSECO World Cultural Heritage Monuments. The mine continuously produced table salt from the 13th century until 2007 as one of the world’s oldest operating salt mines, Once you will go down with a guide you will enter to underground salt world of miners. During your journey through labyrinth of corridors on every step you will find unique salt monuments, lakes, and even entire churches hidden more than 65 meters below the surface. The guide will tell you about the traditions and legends associated with the miners.

After a pleasant tour we do not have far to Krakow where you will enjoy again Krakow by night.

Day 6: Zakopane – the capital of Polish Tatra mountains guarded by a sleeping knight
Next day we will travel to the south where Poland is becoming more mountainous and finally we reach the foothills of the highest and most impressive Tatra mountains in Poland. We will stop in Zakopane which is capital of this region and offers multiple attractions any time during a year. Zakopane is visited not only because of amazing views of the highest peaks of the Carpathian mountain range but also because it is characterized by unique culture, music, flavors and the architecture of wooden houses found only in this region.

As soon as we get to Zakopane you will meet there with a private local guide who will pass the stories, legends connected to Polish highlanders. You will see over one hundred years old wooden churches. Next to it you will find a small cemetery where great artists from the region and not only are buried. For sure you have to also make the trip by cable railway to Gubalowka hill where waits for you stunning view on entire range of Tatra mountains. You can have a lunch there or in some restaurant with traditional highlanders' cuisine on the most famous street – Krupowki. In addition to restaurants with live music there are stands selling products from local artisans especially made from wool and wood. Undoubtedly, each of you will take something special from Zakopane and for sure it will be „Oscypek”. It is a smoked cheese made of salted sheep milk exclusively in the Tatra Mountains region of Poland as only in this region this kind of cheese can be produced.

After next long exciting day we travel back to Krakow for the last night.

Day 7: It is time to say goodbay with hope to see you again.
During last day in Krakow we will have to say goodbye. We will transfer you to the airport. If your fllight/ train is late we will advise you how you can spend time in Krakow during this day. Moreover if you have flight from another city than Krakow just contact us. We will organize some transfer for you.